Because, sunnies

Saturday was for sunnies, lunching, and family - the best kind of day.

(Emma and I need to work on our outfit of the day poses.)

Emma ate her weight in sourdough bread and I ate mine in muscles smothered in saucy goodness. The restaurant did not have kids cups so the kind server got creative with a takeout soup container with a hole poked in the lid for a straw. She adored it. We loved watching the boats sail into the docks. The sun brushed our cheeks. And we walked hand in hand. 

I am feeling a little nostalgic today. I was looking through old photos and old blog posts (trying to organize my tags) and was thinking about all the memories my little family has made. Emma has brought so much joy to our lives. Her dad adores her mom and we love her more than our own lives. 

We may lose sleep. We may sprout a few more grays. But the beautiful memories are made each day. And those we get to spend with family, well they are the best kind of days.