Happy Christmas recap

Time for a Christmas recap, I know how much everyone looves those. ;] We are currently enjoying some family time at my parents’ house and soaking in these Christmastide days.

On Friday afternoon, we left our home in Alameda en route to my husband’s family. The drive took about two hours longer than it normally takes us so we had to take quite a few stops. Oh holiday traffic. But everyone survived and Henry only shrieked for a portion of the drive and Theo only had one up the back blow-out. Silver linings for the win.

Saturday and Sunday, we spent time with my husband’s family with lots of time for the cousins to play. We got together with Paul’s best friend and his wife and then my best friend from dental school and her family. Even though we can relatively keep up with friends and family with technology, it is so wonderful and joyous to see people in person and love on them.

On Christmas eve morning we exchanged gifts with Paul’s family and the cousins made an explosion of wrapping paper and it was just perfect. Mid-day we left for my parents’ and celebrated with our traditional Christmas eve lunch/dinner and then evening Mass.

Christmas 1.jpeg
Christmas 10.jpeg

Christmas morning was all about the kids and Emma was in heaven unwrapping all the presents. Henry was most interested in one train set from my sister and Theo was only into breastmilk. For lunch, we went to visit with my dad’s side of the family - the Filipinos. We hadn’t seen some of his family in years and all of my dad’s siblings were able to be together for the first time in forever. I was so overcome with emotion seeing them all together. Even my Dad’s twin flew out from Texas for the festivities.

Christmas evening was spent at my parents’ just playing with the new presents and enjoying each other’s company. The day after Christmas was spent with my mom’s side of the family and however loud you think your family is, mine is 10x louder. ;] We ate pizza and played cards against humanity. 

Each year, we get older and our families grow. We hear of each other’s milestones and accomplishments from the year and we share memories from Christmases past. We laugh until we cry, eat way too much food, and just love on each other. God bless us everyone.