Awkward and awesome

Well it’s the Friday before Christmas and we are almost ready to head out of town to visit our families. Due to my work schedule, we have not been able to with our families on Christmas the last two years so it is extra special this year to spend time with family. For this installment of awk and awes (I shouldn't abrev it, should I?), I’ll mention a few holiday themed tidbits.


- Three words. Dinner table politics.
- A rock hit our windshield while we were coming home from Tahoe and we have a spidery crack now.
- Eat-piercing shrieking coming from our two year-old when he tantrums.
- The new phase of projectile spit up coming from the baby.
- Christmas light and decoration shaming. I can’t find it but I stumbled across a post on the inter webs this week when someone was shamed for having blow-up dinosaurs in santa hats on their lawn. The “anonymous” letter stated that dinos weren’t Christmasy enough. Oy vey.


- This amazing photo of Rachel McAdams circulating the web this week. She’s a strong, powerful mama.
- Vaccines. (Theo got his two month vaccines and I am grateful for modern medicine and a protected baby.) Also, herd immunity. Especially during cold and flu season.
- Being with our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and celebrating our traditions while we continually make new ones.
- Working on my January and New Year’s resolution spreads in my Blessed Is She planner and I loved how they turned out. I will show you sometime next week.


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