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Awkward and Awesome

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There was the most beautiful grey sky the other night. #nofilter


- Rain and squeaky shoes. Rain and wet clothes. Rain and bad drivers. I know California needs it, but rain causes a whole myriad of problemos. Am.I.right?

- Texting my husband “Emma had another blowout” only to realize, oh hey, you’re not my husband. My bad.

- Mom noises, sounds, squeals, and songs. You know the ones I mean. I can’t even type them out. Emma loves them so that’s good. But she also gives me the stink eye.

- Oh you want to use your seat AND my seat on the bus. That’s so nice of you. I didn’t know that your sitting down next to me would virtually cut my personal space in half. 

- A completely non-matchy eye makeup kind of day. My eyeliner was having a poltergeist, mind of its own moment. 


- I can get on board with this. Hurry up amazon. 

- Playing tag with Emma. For an infant, she crawls pretty quickly. She laughs so hard that she falls over. Oh precious.

- Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products. Holy moly batman, that stuff smells delicious. I occasionally (read: frequently) put it all over my hands just to smell it. MMMMM.

- Emma’s growing head of hair. She’s got a good combover going on. I can’t wait to be able to put little bows and clips in her hair.

- Christmas decor, advent candles, peppermint smells, and hot beverages. Oh yes, this time of year is the awesome-est of all.