The turkey toss

On Thanksgiving, Paul, Emma, and I took a turn around the harbor near our apartment. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a little stroll along the water. We took some photos, tossed a turkey (named Emma), and got laughed at by some cops while we were trying to take some selfies. Nothing to see here people, move along. Just a new mama obsessively taking 13 thousand photos. 

Side note: Emma is at a stage where she is trying to jam everything into her facehole. I’ve attempted to reason with her. I’ve tried bribes, blackmail, pleas. But no, she’s determined to chomp on everything on God’s green earth. Oh honey pumpkin loaf, you cannot rip the skin off mama while attempting to grab her necklace and shove it in your mouth. But I offer you dada’s head hair as a consolation. I just ordered a baby chewy bead necklace to (hopefully) distract her like the matadors use the red cape for the charging bulls. 

So here are those 13 thousand photos I’ve promised. Nah, just kidding. Only 12 thousand. 

What a cute little turkey.