Substance and Soul

Awkward and awesome

LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

- Ants. The bloody ants. I hate them in my kitchen, in my apartment, in my liiiiife. Stay outside please.
- A local intersection where cars are too fast and a late night crash makes me jump out of my skin.
- Me: *vacuums the apartment and admire my handiwork*
Emma: *dumps risotto on the floor two seconds later*
- The biggest body flop right onto my sleeping head at 6:23am by one wide-awake toddler.
- Vibrant and colorful crayon drawings... on the wood floor.

- The Ikea children's section. Oh my goodness, it's like heaven. I may or may not have picked up a few things today. 
- The language lightbulb that appears to have gone off in Emma's head. This week alone I have heard at least five new words and now I'm happy crying all the live long day. 
- Two words: caramel popcorn
- The solo movie trip I took last Friday to see The Intern and a father-daughter duo having oodles of fun at home. Sometimes we all need a little alone time. 
- Afternoon sunshine through my window and a comfortable glider chair. Mmmm.