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Awkward and Awesome

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- Spitting in public. Worse yet, hacking up a loogie in public. Leave that one at home folks. 

- Our first week into sleep training is off to a rough start. Yesterday I wrote the date 11/12/14. Yup, it was definitely not 2014, or November.

- Hidden chili peppers in food. Why yes, now I’m crying. Can I get a bucket of water for my tongue please?

- How long I spend in the deodorant aisle searching for the one. Powder fresh? Cucumber melon? Gel? Stick? I end up giving up and picking the one with the free hand lotion sample.

- Saying “hashtag” in real conversations. Slap me if I do this around you please.


- Babies in sunglasses. I mean, come on, she looks 15 zillion times cooler.

- Discovering a trivia app where I can play Friends and Harry Potter trivia non-stop. Why yes, I know the which character said that one line in that episode in that specific season wearing that one outfit. YUPPPP.

- Baby mohawks post-bath. That would go great with those sunglasses. 

- Also in the awesome column, sleep training. It’s tough, but she is getting used to sleeping in her crib. That means I can actually get a good stretch of sleep cuddling up with my 17 pillows and heating blanket without worrying about squishing/suffocating the wee one.

- Sharing my favorite food with Emma. Check out Instagram tomorrow for the video.