Substance and Soul


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Splish, splash she was taking a bath…

As Emma took her bath on Sunday evening, I was overcome with this overwhelming desire to freeze time. Time turner anyone? I watched her splash in the water, kick her legs back and forth, and chew on her numbers book. She giggled with delight as I lathered soap on to her hair and her eyes widened as I poured the warm water over her head. She chased her rubber ducky around the soapy water and reached for the squishy whale faucet cover. This perfect little girl has completely bewitched me. I am down for the count. Emma - 1, momma - 0. I could have watched her play for hours, watching her little fingers turn pruney and giving her baby mohawks. But as she rubbed her sleepy eyes, I was awaken from my reverie with the realization that this routine bath time is a complete blessing. This moment was so simple, yet magically beautiful. These everyday moments make life wonderful and are those I would never want to forget.


This year, I plan to focus on the extraordinarily ordinary moments of life. Those simple points in time that we tend to overlook are the ones we should treasure most. Each week, I will share one of these simple moments, captured in those times between the heartbeats. Follow along.