One-pan spaghetti bake

You’re going to want to swim in this dish.

It’s spaghetti, cheese, chicken, CHEESE, mushrooms, spinach, CHEESE, and oodles and oodles of saucy sauce. CHEESE. 

Seriously, you put all the ingredients in a pan and watch it go. Dry pasta, yup. Raw chicken, you betcha. Sauce upon sauce, oh yes. And of course, cheese. The cheese! 

My favorite food blogger created this recipe and I followed it like a cat blindly follows the laser pointer. I didn’t know what I was doing. Paul questioned my sanity (but what else is new?). But it turned out more scrumptious than baby feet spread on crostini. And you’re gone. Follow this recipe and your life will be changed.


Our dear Emma was a fan of the noodley bits. 

Sauce ended up on her face, on my face, on the ceiling, in her ear (?). But it was a hit. 

We shall make this one again and swim in all that cheese.

It’s too bad I’m lactose intolerant.