Ode to a baby roll

Can we talk for a second?

About baby rolls. 

And chubby thighs, cheeks, tummies, and arms. And how I want to kiss, squish, and eat them all. 

This little girl is growing up so fast. Every day she is learning something new, mastering a different skill, and showing off her abilities. I squeal with delight as she begins to stand on her own two delicious feet. But do you know what that means? Each day that she grows, she loses another one of these perfect baby rolls. And it makes me cry, like seriously ugly cry.

When I begin to look out for the next milestone, I remind myself of these squishable baby rolls. One day she will no longer have these rolls and it might be strange for me to suck on her cheeks when she’s 10 years old.

Ode To A Baby Roll 

Oh baby roll, baby roll

You are so sweet

You’re on tummies and legsies

And kissable feet

I can’t wait to squish you

My heart skips a beat

You peek out of diapers

There’s never just one

My love’s never-ending 

Since your life had begun

I’ll remember you fondly

My sweet honey bun

And now I’m off to kiss a baby roll.