While you were away

Sweet husband of mine, 

When you get home from work, you usually find me on opposite ends of this spectrum...

Either I quickly and with great exuberance regale you with every fully formed and/or inkling of a thought that crossed my mind throughout the day (and bombard you with a breakdown of every goings on in our home). Or I want nothing to do with human speech and hand off the squirming and screaming tot to your open arms, shove earphones in my head, and baby gate block myself into the kitchen to cook in peace with absolutely no interruptions.

Assuming I am in the mood of the former, here are a handful of some thoughts and observations I have made while you are busy bringing home that bacon.

1. You are a generous man and know the way to my heart (spoiler alert, it's wine). Your impromptu gift of half a dozen wine varieties this weekend was a welcome surprise.

2. I find Emma's tantrum both frustrating and hilarious. While I don't enjoy having to heave a kicking and screaming tot into her stroller, when she throws herself on the ground in the most dramatic fashion or runs to the door to wait for her dad's arrival to tattletale on me I have to laugh. Does that make me weird?

3. Our daughter is at an interesting imitation phase. That, combined with wanting to do things herself make for some entertaining toddler moments. She MUST put on her own pants no matter how many tries it takes. She MUST drag our giant down comforter from our bed to her own bed for nap time.

4. I have a deep love for trees. And I hope that me gawking at every single one of them while we take walks is endearing.


5. I wish you understood why I read the same books over and over again. Yes, I know the story by heart. But there I go reading it again while I soak in the afternoon sun and guzzle ice water from my favorite cup. 

6. I have grown to love cooking, especially for you. Took me long enough eh? I apologize for years one and two of our marriage and my complete lack of creativity in the kitchen department. 

7. You only have eyes for her and me. And I'll love you forever for it. You never notice when a woman shamelessly flirts with you in my presence. You walk right past the gourmet dinner I cooked for you because your eyes have searched only for mine. You scream, "there's my girl" when Emma runs to greet you at the door.