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Awkward and awesome

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- Coming to terms with the fact that I never read the Terms of Service of anything before I accept. It’s going to come back to bite me in the butt one day.

- The stinking no sleep, post daylight savings time, time change punch in the face. As much as I love that extra sunlight, I do not love the constant feeling of grogginess. My cooling eye mask has had quite the workout lately trying to carry these eye bags.

- Not being able to pry my still-attached head hair out of the talons of my charge. She has an iron grip. Tears have been shed trying to de-clamp my hair. My tears, not hers.

- Having serious angry feelings about my lack-luster nursing bras. Can Victoria please make some of those angel bras in those sassy colors for the mommy section?

- “Oh you’re a full-time student and you have a baby? But who watches her during the day? Oh daycare? Oh.” Yes, because heaven forbid a young couple utilize the magic that is daycare. Can we all stop judging everyone else’s childcare situations. Stay-at-home moms rock! Stay-at-home dads rock! Working parents rock! Families helping watch the little ones rock! That is all. #endrant


- NOT studying for boards this past weekend because that ship has SAILED. Yes, I am done with boards and I happy-danced all the way to my bed where I napped for 47 years.

- I am still dreaming about our delicious trip to that castle winery. We definitely will be heading back this spring. Slurp.

- Watching Emma’s problem solving skills. Her newest trick is scooting to the edge of the bed, rolling on her tummy with her feet dangling off the bed, gripping the comforter, and slowly sliding off the edge and landing on her feet. She then proceeds to walk out the bedroom door like she owns the planet. Ten months old, guys. TEN MONTHS.

- Blue Apron deliveries.

- Listening to Paul give Emma a bath while she plays for a good 30 minutes. They have more fun than two kids on splash mountain.