Awkward and awesome

Hear ye, hear ye, it’s another installment of some of the awkward and awesome things going on around these parts. Why do I suddenly sound like a town caller? EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT.


- Sleep deprivation. It is real and deep and my brain hurts.
- People who don’t hold doors open for other people. I don’t mean that “men should hold it open for women” blah blah, but people should hold open doors for other people. How many times must I struggle through a door with a double stroller while corralling another kid?
- Mom shaming on social media. Really folks, just stop it.
- Being used as a human tissue. This cold and flu season not only brings on runny noses for our children, but apparently my shoulder and my thigh look great for nose-wiping.
- The current texture of my hair. It’s long and unmanageable. I don’t know what to do with it right now.


- Advent starts this Sunday and I have not been more excited for an Advent season in forever. I have my Blessed Is She Advent journal ready to go and I am looking forward to this season of preparation.
- Guys, BABY SMILES. Theo has started smiling more regularly and it seriously makes the world go ‘round. Also, baby chub. BABY CHUB.
- Emma has been utterly hilarious lately. For example, the other day Paul smashed a mosquito that had made it into the house and she gasps, YOU KILLED NATURE. I’ll be doing another Emma says post soon.
- The beauty of technology. I’ve been able to video chat with my friends a couple times a month while we talk about our live and do some scripture studies together. We live all over the country and yet still get to connect with each other.
- Holiday coffee creamer. Keep it coming.


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