Ordinary time

Advent is quickly approaching. It’s a time of preparation, of waiting, of anticipation. It’s as if we spend the month holding our breaths — waiting for the sweetest exhalation in seeing our Savior born humbly into the arms of our Blessed Mother and inhaling the deepest joy in His coming into the world.

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But ordinary time — that’s my sweet spot. It’s the everyday sweetness of simply being. It’s not my time of deep introspection and examination or reevaluation and coming into something new. It’s my time to just be with the Lord as He walks with me through this life. It is the daily grind and the fought bed times and the piles of laundry and the unanswered emails and the grocery shopping and the appointments.

Ordinary time, it’s where I don’t feel like I’m waiting for something. It’s where those somethings are already happening and it’s up to me to invite Him into those spaces. He’s there in the tantrums and tears as well as the laughter and contentment. He is with me in the ordinary. And that is what is completely extraordinary. I don’t even have to wait for Him, He’s already here. 

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