Hi September!

Happy September the first, I hope your trunks are packed as you head to the Hogwarts express. Or if you’re not en route to Hogwarts, happy regular first day of September. But today is fun because I’m going to show you my Sept monthly spread and last week’s and this week’s spreads in my Blessed Is She planner and here are some seven “quick” takes.

1) Okay listen, last Sunday, I was typing out a very lengthy seven quick takes/planner week 35 post and DUH DUH DUH something happened with my computer and/or the inter webs and I lost the post. I was so frustrated that I slammed the lid of my laptop shut and sulked like a giant baby.

I’m over it. Clearly.

But as there is no use crying over spilled milk (regular milk, not breast milk because you should cry over that) and no use in crying over lost blog posts, here I am with a new post that will hopefully get to your eyeballs.

(I’ll just periodically save this post just in case.)

2) Last week was insanely busy, in fact, I had a seven day work-week. (Lest you think, I’m a big whiner… dentists typically/traditionally have a four day or fewer work-week because of the high burnout potential. It’s a very physical profession. If you didn’t know that, maybe I’ll punch out a day in the life of a public health dentist post soon. Would anyone want to read that? But, I took an all-day continuing education course last Sunday, had my normal five days, which in and of itself is a lot, then had to go into work yesterday because a doctor called in sick last minute and all of my other doctors were not available.)

WHEW. But I’m going to try to relax today. That is after I corral my kids during mass which truthfully is a work out let me tell ya. And now you probably think all I do is complain so let’s get to the good stuff!

3) I have been looking forward to September since last September because this month is the Blessed Is She writer’s retreat! It’s one of my fav weekends of my year. It’s insanely restorative and life-giving and I just love my girls and Jesus. Last year I was a million weeks pregnant and apparently, you’re not allowed to fly if you have a baby near crowning so I missed the retreat and was super bummed about it. I have high FOMO.

But I am gearing up to travel to the writer’s retreat and I’m going to be giving so many hugs.

4) We also have some of Emma’s school things this month. There is the first PTSA meeting which IMMA BE AT obviously. There is Emma’s picture day and other school events. Also, Emma will start her block schedule too now that the teacher has “assessed” her level, whatever that means.

5) A family is joining us for a nanny share soon as we transition out of our in-home nanny. Theo starts at the pre-school after he turns one. We have loved having her here with us and it will be a sad transition. But I am looking forward to one drop-off for the boys together.

I’ll be spending September attempting to night wean the baby and minimize my work day pumping as Theo gets close to one year (!!!). I have loved nursing my children. I DON’T love pumping at work between patients and I definitely DON’T love all night nursing and not sleeping. Not a fan.

Speaking of Theo turning one, I need to plan his first birthday party because obviously he’s going to remember this party so I need to go all out. Costco pizza and cheap proseco here we come.

6) Seasoned parents, I need some advice. My middle child, Henry, is three. He is very attached to daddy. It’s wonderful and precious and I am so grateful for my husband’s strong relationship with his children. But Henry also wants nothing to do with me when he is upset and sometimes even when he’s happy. And it can be heart breaking. I can’t console him and I can’t comfort him. And he won’t let me put him down for bed. It’s something we are struggling with and it breaks my heart. I try not to take it personally, but dang is it a dagger to the heart. Did your children have a parent preference when they were toddlers? How did you deal? Did they grow out of it?

7) About four days ago I was adamant that I would not be drinking my beloved pumpkin spice anything until it was officially fall. I didn’t want to skip over the last few weeks of summer time. BUT, what can I say, I’m a basic b and I totally bought a pumpkin spice cold brew from Starbucks on Friday and it was delicious and I loved every drop of it and my fall-loving heart was so happy. IF LOVING PSL IS WRONG, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.


And lest I continue to ramble and lest I continue to say lest, here is September’s spread and last week’s and this week’s spreads. Wee!

By the way, the calendar year full size planner and mini planner are available for pre-order right now! The academic year planners sold out so if you are planning on ordering, you should do it now. 😍


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