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Awkward and awesome

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment


- Mom brain. It's real and it's serious. On Monday evening, I burned Emma's risotto, cooked our frozen pizza for 10 minutes longer than necessary and 50 degrees higher than instructed thus burning it, and warming up Emma's bottle and completely forgetting about it.
- Getting Emma's musical toys songs stuck in my head then singing them out loud on the bus without realizing it. "From the top of my head down to my toes..." 
- Pouring spoiled milk into my cereal. The last bowl of cereal. 
- Flashing my hot pink bra to people when Emma decides to pull my shirt down. Oy vey. 
Running into my dental chair's head rest not once but TWICE thus bruising my hip and needing to wrap myself in bubble wrap.


- That I lasted a whole five minutes of screaming before I realized that Emma is not ready to sleep in her crib.
- When Emma wakes up, sits, up and starts patting my face softly. It's like a sweet, "good morning mama!"
- Honest products at Costco, come to mama.
- Planning Emma's first birthday party and buying the cuuuuuutest decorations.
- Looking forward to my sister visiting us at the end of the month! My free arms will be celebrating.