Basically me

Yesterday was the first day of fall, yay! It is the start to a wonderful time of year - filled with the closing of chapters, getting ready for new beginnings, celebrating the year's trials and tribulations, and of course, general coziness. And all the pumpkiny goodness is on the shelves and in my belly.

But with this time of year also comes general snarky comments from certain individuals. They are usually along the lines of looking down upon those who enjoy the pumpkin spice frenzy, those who enjoy their over large knitted sweaters, those who take photos of their hot beverages, and a general turning up of their noses at those they consider "basic".

Now I am not entirely sure of the usage of "basic" in every context (oh kids these days), but I am fairly certain that it never has a polite nor positive connotation.

It got me to thinking a few things that I enjoy and the things I generally like - clichéd or not, basic or not so basic - it's just me.

I love to wear my comfiest Patagonia sweater while I sip my morning hot beverage while I sit on my porch enjoying the morning air. 

Original, Samantha.

I LOVE my shipments of pressed juices, DELICIOUS.

But UH OH, watch out, my cliché may be contagious. At least I will be well-hydrated. 

I pretty much had a conniption at Trader Joe's when I spotted these pumpkin spice treats. You betta believe I bought that pumpkin spice coffee for my Keurig. Not pictured, the pumpkin pancake mix, the mini-decorative pumpkins for my window sill, and pumpkin yogurt. 

I mean, who on this planet would enjoy pumpkin this much? Gag me with a spoon. (As long as their is pumpkin on it.)

Artistic photo of a gorgeous tree? I mean come on, who does that?

Well I do... and frequently... Look at that tree, that is a nice tree. I cannot wait for its leaves to change colors too and it'll be ready for another snap.

Don't even get me started on photos of floral arrangements. I mean, you'd think there were better things to do. 

Well there isn't. I love a good floral arrangement and you might as well call me the most basic basic who ever did basic.

And I am fairly certain that no one in the history of ever has had white bedding - with matching white duvets, pillow shams, and accent throw blankets for the nearby glider chair. No one, eva. 

Except for, everyone. 

And the most shocking of all, I love wine. I am a trendsetter, I know. I also don't frequently take photos of the wine I am about to consume because who wants evidence of that?

I also don't gram it ever.

J to the K.

While I enjoy things that are off the beaten path and I definitely have weird and unique quirks (okay, quite a few), I also have absolutely no shame in loving those things that everyone else loves too. There is a reason we enjoy pumpkin this time of year and there is a reason we cozy up with our knitted sweaters. Because it's AH-MAZING. 

No shame, not ever. 

Love what you love, do what you do. You will never find any judgements from me on liking what you like.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get me a PSL wearing my Kate Spade earrings, skinny jegs, and knitted sweater.