On the day I return to work

My dear Theo, 

Things may seem different today. You do not have a concept of time quite yet, but you may feel that things are different. You may be wondering where I am or why I’m missing from your day. Well sweet boy, I have returned to my work outside the home. At home, I take care of you and your big sister and brother, but at work I take care of other people who need me. It is important work, I think. But I want you to know, raising you and your siblings is the most important work I’ll ever do, the most important thing I’ll ever do.

I want you to know that I love what I do outside the home too. I love taking care of my patients and making them smile. I hope I am part of, however small that part is, improving their quality of life. I hope they feel that I care and that I empathize and that I want to be a partner in care with them.

I also want to show you, Emma, and Henry that you can use those qualities God has given you to help others and be uniquely able to improve the lives of others by your own special gifts. I have felt called to care for this population of patients and I hope one day you answer whatever call God puts on your heart.

return 2.jpeg

You are such a special boy and I love you so much. You have brought incredible light and life into our family. And while I’ll be away from you for some time during the day, know that I am thinking of you, and Emma, Henry, and your daddy every minute.

I pray that you feel my love for you, even when I am away from you. I have cried many times this past week thinking about this day, but I am determined to show you and your siblings that whatever your big “V” Vocation and little “v” vocation end up being, you should do it with your whole heart. Love your family and serve others always. Put God first and listen to what He puts on your heart. 

I love you always,