To The End | Blessed Is She Lent Devotional

My friends, the Lent season in the Liturgical year is always a transformative season for me. Sometimes I am renewed, sometimes my heart is burst open, and sometimes I am comforted while I carry my own crosses. Last Lent, I was deep in those feelings of fear and anxiety as I had just found out about my unexpected pregnancy. Between the crippling morning sickness, the start of my new director role at work, and my general anxieties, Lent was a challenging season to say the least. But thankfully, I walked alongside thousands of women as we reflected on what it meant to be a believer and what it meant to pick up our crosses.

Needless to say, I am approaching this Lent in a different stage of life. Our sweet Theo is here and although the overwhelming reality of three(!!) kids is nothing to scoff at, I am comforted by how the Lord has provided for us this past year and how He has not removed those crosses, but shown me how to find grace in the daily stresses and suffering.

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So I am incredibly excited to have this year’s Blessed Is She Lent Devotional in my hands. This Lent, we will explore the depths of Christ’s sacrificial love.

Excerpts from To The End:

“In this time of bright sorrow—the time of tension between the sorrow of death and the joy of the Resurrection—we will pray with the powerful examples of the love Jesus reveals with His life through the Gospel of John, from chapter 11 through chapter 19. We will walk with Him into Jerusalem and through His passion. We will study His example of sacrificial love by diving into these characteristics: vulnerability, courage, generosity, faithfulness, humility, surrender, and presence.”

“This Lent, let us open ourselves up to the One Who came for each one of us, Who opens the door to each one of us, and says, Here, My daughter, this way. I will show you My heart, I will show you My way, I will show you what love looks like, all the way to the end.”

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Each year, the Lent devotional sells out so get yours before they are gone. Lent starts on March 6 this year! There is also a bundle with a beautiful print and tote to go along with your journal. I am so looking forward to walking with you during this season.

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