This and that

This morning, I kissed Emma goodbye as she and Paul left for pre-school and work. I slowly made breakfast, sipped my hot coffee, and relished in my newfound silence. It still has not quite hit me that I will have a few days per week of toddler-free time. It's strange really. It's only 9am and I don't even know what to do with myself today. 

My two littles. They are already buddies. And clearly think their mom is weird.

Actually, I do have some plans for while I am still on maternity leave. If you aren't interested in the slightest, feel free to eXit. But if you like listening to me blather, read on. ;] 

In a week and a half I am heading on a retreat with my fellow Blessed Is She writers. I'll be taking Henry with me on a plane all by myself, so wish me luck. At the end of the month, Paul, Emma, Henry, and I are going to our favorite vacation spot - Lake Tahoe - for a week of family time. It's my favorite time of year to go to Tahoe and I cannot wait to spend time in the mountains and fresh air.

My mom and sister came to visit us this weekend and Emma was in Auntie-loving heaven.

I also hope to establish a more regular health routine. I hesitate to call it a fitness routine because it's more than that. I am going to be working on more meal planning and preparation so we stop eating so much take out. The end of my pregnancy and this newborn haze has made my eating habits atrocious and I want to focus on preparing whole foods ahead of time. Crock pot meals, here I come! I also want to get out for more walks with Henry and get back to what I love - yoga. I also want to work on quiet mindfulness while our place is quiet. 

On the practical sides of things, I will be heading back to work in October and I am looking to work more days per week. Paul and I also want to move to a new place. We are doing well in our one bedroom, but we think it's time to look for a two bedroom.

Henry has become so animated in the last week and his facial expressions crack me up.

So there you have it for now, a little of this and that while I sip my coffee and stare at a sleeping 5-week old. Happy Tuesday!