Side by side at 6 weeks

Memory can play funny tricks sometimes. We may remember things one way, but over time things might be slightly altered in our minds. (That sounded a lot more existential than I meant, ha.)

"Everyone" always says that Emma looks just like me and now "everyone" says that Henry looks like Paul. Personally, I've always seen a little of both Paul and me in Emma and now, in Henry. But looking at Henry, I was thinking how much he and Emma look alike because I can't help but compare. It's a mother's prerogative right?

Here are some side by sides of Emma and Henry at 6 weeks. 

One thing is for certain - my children have giant hands, feet, and nostrils. Sorry kids. Love, mom and dad.

Well golly, they do look similar, but also different. But both SO STINKING CUTE, LIKE OMG. 

Same blanket. Different mouths. Same effect - GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES. 

I am quite enthusiastic today, aren't I?