Emma's first day of pre-school

Emma started pre-school today! She has been home with Paul and me for the last year so today I have mixed emotions. I am excited that she will get to make some friends and have plenty of activities at her fingertips. I am melancholy at the closing of one chapter of our time together. I have valued this year immensely. She has taught me more about parenting and motherhood than I could have imagined. She's my special buddy. 

She will be at school four days per week and I hope she adjusts well. Drop-off this morning went well, so prayers for her that she settles in and does not have too hard of a time. She was a little shy at first but slowly got into playing with the other 2 year-olds. (Side note: She is the tallest in her class by a good amount. Woah!) 

She seems happy about it though, no?

Have the best day sweet Emma, I love you my brave girl.