On life, lately (at home edition)

(That blog post title sounds weird, but I'm going to just go with it.) This could also be titled we have cabin fever and are on survival mode. Or I'm so tired and my hair is greasy but we are surviving. Yeah those just don't sound great either.

Basically these few things are going on that are making me a bit harried. Emma has been waking up at the crack o' dawn and I miss sleep. (I know it will be ten zillion times worse with a newborn but it feels pretty poopie right now.) Nap time is unpredictable and I am lucky to get 90 minutes uninterrupted. I usually spend 89 of those minutes sitting, staring blankly at my wall trying to regroup for the second half of our day. This week, our landlords started construction in our back drive way/parking area. While I am sick of the dirt driveway and I look forward to no longer traipsing dirt through our entry way on the regular when they finally pave it, the construction is loud and the jack hammering happens to coincide with nap time. I think Emma is also getting a cold (and when did it become a thing for her to come up to me, ask for a hug, then proceed to wipe her nose on my shoulder???).

And to top off this not so delicious sundae, I also have general pregnancy fatigue, back pain, and heart burn. Oh joy. (I'm just full of sunshine aren't I?)

BUT what I have come to realize with the help of some awesome/inspiring/rock star mamas who I know -- it's okay to give your momma self a little leeway, a lot of forgiveness, and just go with the flow. I've been feeling like a home body, we have been living in various forms of PJs and yoga pants, my hair is extra greasy, and I am not sure I've vacuumed in a few days. But so what? 

During the past few days, Emma and I have just been going with it. I have been throwing together various activities and toddler distractions just to give myself a 1.7 minute reprieve. She's happy for a minute and I don't have to listen to two year old tantrums for a second. Small victories. 

Here is life lately, the at home edition. Jazz hands.

We have been making many smoothies over here. Emma is fascinated by the nutribullet and she will practically eat anything I throw in there. Chia seeds, check! Spinach, gotcha!

Parent tip number 390,283: Tape a huge piece of paper up under the kitchen counter, provide a box of crayons, and watch the masterpiece unfold. 

Thanks Pinterest for this idea. Pipe cleaners and an upside down colander. Boom, that's 3 minutes. 

After Mr. Jack hammer woke her up halfway through her nap, I let her crawl into my bed to attempt to coax her back to sleep. It worked for 30 minutes. EYE ROLL

I have been attempting to cut out processed snacks for this one so DIY trail mix has been our replacement and it's a hit. The chocolate chips are the first to go, obviously. That's another few minutes. *pats my own back*

I will congratulate myself with this activity which kept her busy nearly an hour on and off. We sorted pom poms in different colors and I made up different games. I got to sit comfortably on the couch for this one. *kicks my feet up

I was at the end of my rope last night so I took a long, luxurious bath with the essentials. I think Paul saw the desperate look in my eyes and told me to lock the door for as long as I needed. 

Not pictured: my iPad with Netflix streaming at its highest volume.

This morning we actually "enjoyed" the construction because Emma got to see the big flat bed truck and the dirt loader thing (I don't really know its official name). She kept saying "DIRT!!!" and "WOAH!!!" We also compared pictures of the vehicles to this cool book she has. 

Her excitement is pretty darn cute though. Oh, you adorable dirt loader lover. 

Now we are going to hop in the shower for a long steam session to loosen up her sinus congestion and buy us a few more sanity-saving minutes. We also made some banana bread this morning and that was a good five minutes of mixing ingredients and who would have thought the oven window with the light on is as good as Daniel Tiger? No I.

Survival mode, on. 

Happy Friday.

And for your viewing pleasure, a little video of our color sorting.