Our baby registry this time around

One of the best things about my obsessive tendencies and general impeccable treatment of our possessions means that most of our baby gear from Emma is reusable and in terrific shape. We already have the pack n' play with bassinet, glider, changing table, infant car seat, breast pump, etc. And besides some new baby clothing that I have fallen in love with and subsequently purchased, there is not much more we need this time around. Yay!

24 weeks

I've spent the last month cleaning, organizing, and setting up everything BABY in our apartment and have a small list of things we still need because these things were disposable (like breast pads), used up (like infant soap), or were never purchased/gifted in the first place (contoured changing pad).

So if you will indulge me, I am sharing our online baby registry and would greatly appreciate it if you checked it out. :] Most of these are small and inexpensive items but I threw in some more flashy things if you are so inclined. 

My family thanks you.

Here is our Amazon baby registry