Third trimester

According to different sources the third trimester starts at either 27 or 28 weeks. Well, because all the baby people cannot agree, I'm going to just say that my third trimester is starting today at 27 weeks. So YAY! It's the home stretch people.

My second trimester was not as honeymoony as I would have liked. Between my traitor appendix, another hospitalization, and general fatigue, I am grateful that I am in the last trimester of this pregnancy. I am anxious and excited to meet our little boy. I know the less than pleasant symptoms (back pain, heart burn, fatigue, swelling...) are only going to increase/get worse, but at least the finish line is in sight.

Besides my bumpdates every four weeks, I have not given this belly bump enough love. I took a TON of bump photos with Emma so this will be a bump-tastic post featuring baby boy.

All hail the baby bump!
I don't think you're ready for this belly!
My lovely lady bump, check it out.

Okay, moving on.

I'll tell you, comfy clogs and maternity jeans are the way to go. FO LYFE.

In other maternity news, my super strong, prenatal vitamin enriched, hulk hair broke my favorite comb. I also did my glucose screening last week and it was not as terrible as I remember, although I did get a splitting headache that morning.

Emma alternates between giving this belly lots of love or jumping with her full weight right on top of me. I think I am getting a glimpse into that special sibling love.

Emma makes for an interesting prenatal appointment companion. 

Toddler wearing while pregnant is, um, different.

DAWWWWW, my kiddos.

Taco Bell has been a big craving of mine lately. The heart burn afterwards might not be worth it.

Emma || Baby Boy

My customary third trimester morning in my PJs shot. Well it's customary now. I have been thinking how different my belly looks this time around, but this side-by-side makes me think otherwise. What do you think?

Cheers to the third trimester. I'm toasting with ice cold water and a side of tums.