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Mother's Day reflections

MotherhoodSamantha Wetterholm2 Comments

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was special, simple, and sweet. I awoke to a banner spanning my hallway with sweet notes from my husband, Emma, and baby boy. I enjoyed egg and bacon sandwiches, custard-filled doughnuts, and the musical giggles from my daughter. I felt this baby twirling and kicking in my womb and listened to my husband gleefully chase Emma around. We celebrated at church and I got one special flower from Emma. We had lunch, went shopping, and strolled around just being together. I made a quiet dinner at home and did not clean one dish. I snuggled my loves and did not let go for a very long time.

Really, the day seemed much like any other. Except it was my day - our day - a day for all mamas and mama figures. I spent the day soaking up my family and marveling at this blessing of family.

This day made me think.

This day made me think of my own mother - my hero and example. She loves unconditionally and bravely envelops everyone in loving arms - especially those who are missing that special type of love.

This day made me think of my husband - a man who parents alongside me. He was the first to make me a mother by promising to love me in marriage and by promising to be my partner. He makes me a better person, a better mother, a better spouse. 

This day made me think of my sweet Emma - with her contagious smile, musical giggles, and warm embraces. I became a mom the moment she came into existence. I get to watch her grow and learn and mothering her is my proudest achievement.

This day made me think about my little boy - growing and thriving in my womb. I have never laid eyes on him, but I love him more than there are stars in the sky. My heart beats with his. We share quiet moments. To make my body his home, is a gift I've been given and one I will always cherish.

This day made me think of all the beautiful women who have touched my life in some way, who inspire and teach me. This day made me think of about all those who want nothing more than to hold a baby in their arms, but cannot yet. I weep and pray for them. This day made me think of fathers and caregivers who take on the role of mother when their children are without one. This day made me think of those who have lost mothers or those who have lost children, I ache for them. 

This day was special not just because I was showered with love, but because I was given the gift to reflect on the beautiful complexities of motherhood.

It is a challenge, it is a gift, and it is completely magical.