Substance and Soul

I wear two hats

LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

I wear two hats most of the time. One is my doctor hat, clinical and methodical, the other is my mother hat, nurturing and surviving. Each role is challenging and rewarding. I am proud and intimidated by both. (Truth be told, my mother role is much more intimidating.)

I am doctor. I diagnose, I treat, I fix.
I am mama. I admire, I marvel, I dream.
I tell my patients to brush and floss. I remind parents to avoid sugary snacks and withhold bottles. 
But I share my ice cream and cereal. I give in to tantrums and offer snacks. 
I am interested, but detached. I am engaging, but professional.
I get messy and am completely attached and in love. I fawn, I swoon, and give more hugs and kisses than I can count.
I advise and recommend. I drill and fill. 
I teach and model. I clean and cook.