Planner | Week 32

Ladies and gents, it’s back! It’s a weekly spread planner post.

I fell out of the habit in the spring because truthfully, my schedule got nuts. I still did my weekly spread, but did not have the wherewithal to post it. But I am hoping to be more consistent with my new 2019-2020 liturgical planner to show you all how I’m setting it up. As I get into a rhythm, I also hope to show you the spread after it’s been used for the week. FINGERS CROSSED.

Here is this week’s spread in my Blessed Is She full size planner. I think it’s going to take me a few weeks to get used to the full size layout again as I was working with the mini last year. But I am completely loving it.

I also want to talk about something else too…

This has been a terrible weekend. And I want to acknowledge the tragedies (<— plural) in our country. I do not post many opinion/political/social justice things on my blog as I mostly reserve that for Twitter. But I am starting to think I should share more of my thoughts on the real and hard topics here on the blog too. What are your thoughts about that?

Because truthfully, I am pissed off. And I know you are too.

But also, let’s continue the conversation over on my Twitter. God bless all those who have died and their grieving families, friends, and communities from these domestic terror attacks.


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