Planner | Week 8

Well, at SOME point, I promise to post about something other than my planner.

But truthfully — can I be honest with you — I almost have too much stuff going on in my head that it’s hard to write about it. Do you ever feel that way? Like, there is so much to digest and talk about and work through that your mind shuts down and you can’t articulate any of it?

I am going to the Blessed Is She Shine retreat this coming weekend (yayayay!!) and I’ll be spending some time in Eucharistic Adoration and I’m hoping to unpack a lot of muh feels with the Lord Himself. Stay tuned.

Speaking of the Shine retreat? Is anyone else going? I am heading to the one in Phoenix this weekend but there will be others this year including Kansas City, Nashville, Houston, and Ireland. There will be a couple of other locations I think, but those have not been announced yet.

On to the planner! I have some adorable “journaling doodles” stickers that I wanted to use so I paired them with some washi and voila! I also used some travel themed stickers for my trip at the end of the week. For next week’s planner spread post, I’m hoping to post my planner spread for this week but all filled in. I swear I do use the planner, not just put pretty stickers haha. I’ll show you next week.

w8 1.jpeg
w8 4.jpeg

I’d love to see your planners! Drop a link below if you’re the linking kind.

Have a fantastic week friends.


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