Planner | March and Week 9

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s March’s planner spread and I’m in love.

I’m also plopping week 9 in here too because they are themed similarly. I found this sticker pad at Hobby Lobby during Christmas time and I just love it.

Confession. I’ve always loved stickers. When I was young, I collected stickers. Also gel pens. (Remember mom?) Well, I used to not use the stickers I loved the most. I just kept them catalogued, unused, and sitting there. Over the past year or so, as I’ve been using my Blessed Is She planner more intentionally, I’ve realized that those stickers I LOVE and ADORE should be used! I mean what’s the point of them sitting in the sticker book?

My planner, stationery, and sticker obsession is something I enjoy for no other reason than they are pretty and beautiful and I should actually USE them.

Why did it take me so long to do so? I have no idea. But really, the point of my planner and pens and stickers are to use them and enjoy being creative with them. There is no use to them sitting in a box, collecting dust.

So here’s to our hobbies and collections and actually getting to ENJOY them! Cheers!

Here are my March and week 9 spreads.

mar 1.jpeg
mar 5.jpeg