Planner | Week 10

Hey, guys. You may not know this about me, but I like to use my planner. 😉 Okay, bad mom joke. But seriously, I love this thing.

So a little backstory for this week’s spread. The other day, Emma was talking about how she wanted to see a butterfly and asked if we could go to the zoo to see them. I explained to her that butterflies live out in the wilds of suburban Bay Area too, although we rarely see them. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I saw one fluttering around our neighborhood. It’s been very wet and rainy and cold this winter, so that may have had a factor.

Then it got me to thinking about how much I am looking forward to the Springtime with actual SUN and FLOWERS and GREEN. But then I started thinking about how I’ll need to run to Costco to stock up on my allergy medication because the Spring is also when my nose turns into a runny faucet. THEN it got me to thinking about how I want a chicken bake.

My brain goes on a weird trip sometimes.

On to the spread!

w10 1.jpeg
w10 4.jpeg

I had some fun with these butterfly sticker this week.

Happy planning!