A short story

Last Thursday, Emma had a terrific birthday. Really, it was one for the books. Probably between her BIRTHday, her first birthday, and her second birthday, this one was her favorite (I am guessing on this one, but let's go with it). She played with her friends WAY past her bed time and was hopped up on twenty pounds of refined sugar. She laughed and skipped and it was a good day. But due to the delicate balance between toddler behavior and sleeping/eating habits, she was none too happy come Friday morning. Cranky was her middle name and being displeased with the world was her game.

But I took it in stride. I tried to let her rest and kept our day relaxed and calm. I snuggled with her when she asked for it and gave her space when she needed it. I kept meals nutritious and filling to avoid another sugar crash. But in the moments between the whines and tears, I thought about the beauty in these exhausting days, these challenging days. I let the stress of the day wash over me and just went with the flow (which is not in my skill set most days). In the light of the afternoon sun, listening to the sounds of her little footsteps, I breathed in a simple moment of peace amidst a day of chaos. And I'll tell you, it was beautiful.