Let her eat cake

As far as birthdays go, this was a good 'un. Emma's special day was filled with giggles, messes, running, jumping, dancing, cake gorging, and general merriment. While her first birthday party was special for all the normal reasons (first birthday, first party, etc), it was more for Paul's and my enjoyment. This year, she genuinely enjoyed her little party and kept saying "birthday" over and over and over...

And this year she actually got to enjoy her birthday cake (because last year she got some serious stage fright and would not touch her cake). She made up for it this year...and then some. We had a small dinner with our neighbors at a pizza place and then came back to our home to have birthday cake and lots of play time.

She had the sweetest coy smile when we sang her Happy Birthday and she enjoyed ripping open her presents more than the actual presents. It was a simple day, but oh, was it special. She went to bed two hours later than normal and got to snuggle with us in our bed (a real treat these days). Today, she is a little cranky from the lack of sleep and the sugar hangover, but it was her party and she'll cry if she wants to. On to some photos!

It was a whirlwind of a day and I laughed harder than I have in a long time. Watching my daughter grow, thrive, and blossom is just one of those things that make my heart swell with joy. My family has always had a tradition of celebrating birthdays to the nines. I don't mean fancy or elaborate or excessive, just surrounded by laugher, love, cake, family, and friends. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and is a wonderful opportunity to thank God for another year of ups and downs.

I am sensing that we will be in the throws of the twos for the time being and I don't know what challenges that may bring. But what I do know is that we will have each other, for always. Frosting up our noses and all.