Emma at three years

We are only a monthish late, but Emma turned three! 


Or as Emma says, FREEEEEEE

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I am not convinced I have a three year-old. And sometimes I wonder how I've been doing this mothering thing for three years already. And sometimes I wonder why Starbucks has not figured out how to deliver by now. 

Emma is the personification, the embodiment, the concentrated form, the dictionary definition of spunk. She is passionate, opinionated, independent, and a boss lady. 

Over the past year she has grown taller and slimmer with less of a baby shape (WAHH) and is potty trained! She was fully trained by December of last year which is just the best. She is the tallest in her class and still hangs out above the 90th percentile in height. 

Her speech is advanced and she can articulate herself and argue/negotiate with us. It can be the most frustrating and most endearing thing when she gets on one of her determined modes. 

Highs of the past year: 

She upgraded to her own big girl room (which presents its own challenges).
Potty training.
Started pre-school.
Became a big sister.

Challenges of having a threenager:
Not easily distractible.
Trouble staying in her own bed at night. 

But what can you do, eh? 

She loves watching Disney movies and is obsessed with dresses, tutus, and anything sparkly. She can be quite helpful around the house and is getting more effective with cleaning and organizing. She absolutely loves her little bro but sometimes beats up on him when she's frustrated with us. 

She is purest joy. 

She is love. 

We are so blessed to have this precious one in our lives. 

For her birthday, we celebrated with a nice dinner out and the day after her birthday we had a party celebrating both her third birthday and Henry's Baptism. 

Happy Birthday, precious girl. 

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