Baby Emma | Twelve Months

Well let me tell you something, folks. 
We have descended into anarchy. Let me demonstrate.

She has decided that staying still is for wussies. Did someone sneak no-doze into her bottle? Tell me who did it!! 

Yesterday, the little lady turned one year old. Hold me. I am at a loss for words to describe what I am feeling now. Elation? Melancholy? Heart burn? Something or other I suppose. 

We enjoyed the birthday party. And by we, I am not including Emma on that list because I'm pretty sure she thought her cake was made out of spiders. And fire. We will try again next year!

So twelve months. ONE YEAR. 365 days!

This past month has been really special. She learned to say "dog" and gives the sweetest hugs on planet earth. I am fairly certain she is picking up on all sorts of language. She makes the mouth movements and various consonant-vowel combos and I can tell she wants to get in on the conversation. 

Emma is also sporting two teeth. That's right folks, I am fairly certain I will not have to make her tiny baby dentures. Although I considered it. Let me see those grills.

I was debating whether or not to throw in all my thoughts on this whole motherhood business thus far, but I think that's going to need a post of its own. Brain dump coming at choo.

She's playing the look anywhere but the camera game. So sly. The slyest.

Emma finally discovered the joy that is cartoons. I let her watch a little Daniel Tiger on Netflix on a particularly tough teething all-nighter and now she's hooked. Although I am convinced that I am going to stay true to my guns and not let her actually play with my phone. Stay strong Samantha. *eye twitch*

We have also switched to purely comfort nursing and she is well on her way to self-weaning. I am not quite sure how I feel about it. I'll keep you posted. We are also going to switch her to whole milk and add in a lot more healthy fats and protein. Sorry Emma, no more doughnuts for you (mom, I am kidding). Doc's orders!

She is also beginning to make many more connections. She tries to put socks on her feet. She tries to throw a ball. She tries to hold phone shaped objects to her ears. She also shakes her fist at bad San Francisco drivers when we are cut off. Like father, like daughter. 

I am sure I have a zillion more things to say, but on to photos!

This has been an incredible year of updates. Be sure to check out all of her updates from her first eleven months. I will be sure to keep you posted on all of the goings on 'round these parts. 

Thank you for sharing this year with us. Emma says, "ba ba da na ma ma doh da"! I think that means, thank you kindly.