24 Weeks

This kid is clearly a mover and shaker (and kicker and puncher and roller). He moves. A LOT. I guess I am blessed with wiggly kids because Emma was a mover too. It's pretty beautiful though. I remember feeling such awe over Emma's movements and the second time around is no different. The only difference is that this boy is still hanging out low down in my pelvis so some well placed shots to the bladder are not always as cute.

While Paul and I put Emma to bed each night, we spend some quiet time with baby boy. We lay down and just focus on the movements. Paul enjoys putting his ear on my belly and gets the biggest smile when baby kicks him in the face.

My energy has been high for the most part. The only caveat is the toddler raising and chasing sucks a bit of my second trimester energy away from me and I like to knock out shortly after Emma goes down. I am going to soak in these months where we have finally got Emma sleeping through the night before baby boy comes to shake things up (also known as never sleeping at night newborn phase).

Thankfully these past four weeks have been boring in body land. I've had enough excitement for this pregnancy thank you very much. No illnesses or hospitalizations, score! (*knocks on wood*)

The food cravings have been strong. I mentioned it yesterday that my sweet tooth is off the chaaaarts. I hope my glucose screening in a couple of weeks yields good results. Nervous chuckle...

Emma has taken to kissing my belly so I think she understands that baby bro is in there. I pulled out all the baby linen and clothing to wash last week so we took some time talking about how small baby boy will be compared to a big girl like here. She "helped" me fold. Then I proceeded to wait until she napped so I could actually fold everything.

Speaking of clothing, I went to Old Navy today and found some more subdued and neutral baby boy clothing, yay! I'm sure I will be spamming Instagram with said outfits when he marches on the scene.

And it's official. It's finally happened. I have officially begun catching food and crumbs on my stomach. It's usually cereal. Lucky Charms to be exact. 

Paul and I have been trying to narrow down baby names. I have two favorites so far. He's still undecided. Although he thinks any variation of "Paul" is a perfectly fine name. Mmkaynothanks. ;]

"Not look. Not care."

And some other fun belly stats. 

24 weeks
How far along: 24 weeks exactly
Total weight gain: About 8 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Both regular and maternity. I'm making it work.
Stretch marks: Nope, but some itchy dry skin.
Sleep: I have to get up to pee a lot.
Miss anything: Margaritas and oysters. Random, I know.
Movement: OH YES.
Food cravings: All the dessert in the whole world. Like right now.
Aversions: Veggies. Most meat.
Sex: Oh boy.
Symptoms: Backaches, allergies, constantly needing to pee, itchy skin.
Belly button: Flat, neither in nor out.
Wedding rings: Still fitting but the swelling is starting. The hotter weather is contributing.
Happy or moody: Happy happy joy joy. And just so in love with my family.
Looking forward to: Holding my sweet babe in my arms.

Well I just put Emma down for a nap so I will be enjoying the few moments of solitude. And folding more baby laundry.

Emma at 25 weeks.