Pregnancy update | 25 Weeks

Wee! I’m 25 weeks pregnant today! I will do an official belly photo at the 6 calendar month mark {instead of lunar months}. I cannot believe how fast these past weeks have gone by – I think it’s because of all the holiday hoopla and traveling. 

And it’s official, I am sick. I guess I couldn’t get away with traveling on germ-ridden airplanes and avoid it. I am trying to kick the symptoms as quickly as possible because I have a busy rest of the week. Oh well, what can you do?

This little baby has been moving so much! It’s amazing to just sit and watch my belly move in waves. She’s clearly getting stronger because sometimes her kicks take my breath away and hunch me over.

I had another appointment yesterday and I did the glucose screening test - man that stuff is disgusting. I tried to explain to Paul that it’s like having Sprite syrup straight without the carbonated water. My fundal height is measuring right on track but my weight gain is below average. My doc says I need to keep eating those high-calorie healthy snacks! The heart beat is nice and strong too. I haven’t noticed any Braxton-Hicks yet so that’s good {although I’m not entirely sure what to look out for, so who really knows}.

Here is another pregnancy list update.

HOW FAR ALONG? 25 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 9-10 pounds {My doc is telling me to keep eating!}

MATERNITY CLOTHES? Just a few pieces so far. I am living in my long-sleeved cotton tees from Gap and I just bought a new blouse and two pairs of over-the-belly leggings. I may also need a simple maternity jacket, it’s getting harder to zip my current ones. 

STRETCH MARKS? No new ones so far {just those from way back when}.

SLEEP: It’s getting tougher to sleep through the night. Heart burn is killing me!

MISS ANYTHING? As always, I’m missing wine. I’m also missing the ability to have a small cup of coffee without getting jittery. 

MOVEMENT: A ton of it! She’s a little acrobat in there. Sweet baby, please avoid kicking my lower back. 

FOOD CRAVINGS: Pastries, ice cream, carrot juice, and cheese.  

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK? Not right now, thank God. Although the heart burn sucks. 

SEX: A sweet little girl. 

SYMPTOMS: Heart burn, lower back/sciatica pain, dry skin, frequent bathroom trips, leg cramps, some feet swelling, and pelvic pressure.

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT? Still in, but I have a feeling it’s about to pop out. It’s stretched out and I may have to take out my belly button ring soon. 

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? On. And I tried on some pretty and delicate bands to add to my set once the baby comes.

HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME: Happy but easily upset when my body is uncomfortable.

LOOKING FORWARD TO:HypnoBirthing class starting next Monday! And baby shower #1 in February and #2 in March. 

My shoes started out light gray and my socks were white, that’s all mud right there.

Only 15{ish} weeks to go!