Staying graceful

So we’ve all heard it – If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Yet somehow, it seems like many people were home sick the day they taught that adage in preschool.

The other day my post contained a couple of photos, one of which was a picture of me in my bathing suit at the beach in Kauai. I talked about how I was enjoying vacation and loving all the time I was getting to spend with my husband. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting from my vacation posts and photos has been wonderful! It is usually along the lines of, “I wish I was in Hawaii too”, “Looks like you’re having a wonderful time”, and “Cute swimsuit!

But some not so nice person decided that she would take it upon herself to insult my cellulite and question why I would even dare post a photo without photoshopping out my cellulite.

Okay, rant time. Can you say completely unnecessary? Why would anyone waste the time leaving hateful comments on someone’s post? I promptly deleted that comment because there is absolutely no room for meaningless negativity on my blog.

While I encourage discussion, conversation, and varying opinions, I find that negative comments from faceless trolls to be immature and unwelcome. When you put yourself out there on social media, I know pointless negativity comes with the territory - but I refuse to participate in it. I have never and will never post negative comments on someone’s blog, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else. 

When it comes to posting photos on my blog and Instagram, I do spend some time selecting and editing my photos. Usually my criteria for post-worthy photos are that my eyes are open and that a food dish looks particularly yummy. Other than that, I just play with the cropping and lighting. I NEVER have or will try to remove every blemish, bump, or imperfection in my photos. I also love to read other blogs with real-life photography. My blog is a way to share my life - imperfections included.

So here is another photo of me in my bathing suit! Take that! My doctor is happy with my weight and my baby is healthy so far, so if my legs are lumpy, who cares!?

This quote really speaks to me.

Lauren over at Lollopedwrote that, although it’s pretty ingrained into society, we women need to stop judging and bashing one another, here here! 

How do you deal with mean girls? What are your thoughts on staying graceful in the social media world?