A new normal

Except there is nothing normal about it, it's just life and life is always a'changing, am I right? New milestones, new adventures, new normals, new abnormals, and I wouldn't be your trusty momumenter (mom + documenter, it made sense in my head) if I didn't break it down for you.

The biggest new thing going in our lives at the moment is that I got a new...label maker! That's right. Well, it's still en route from amazon, so I'm sure I'll be labeling everything that stands still in a day or two. Watch out. I'm giddy with excitement. 

Oh yes, and I started my new job! I've been working for two weeks now and it is certainly different. But in a good way. I am a dentist at a community health dental clinic serving low income families. It is hard work and I am hustling the whole time, but I am loving it so far and it is incredibly rewarding. Last week I was doing new employee trainings nearly every day so I have barely had time to breathe. But now I should be settling into our new schedule. I will be working on Mondays and Saturdays and Paul will be having special time with Emma on those days. We are looking into daycare/preschool options for Mondays in the future, but for now that's where we are at.

Because I had Emma while I was in dental school, I had to go back pretty quickly after she was born. I was at school five days a week so I am familiar with the "mommy has to go to work" feeling (wahh). But this time around it is different. Emma is more aware now than she was at three months old. She waves bye-bye and runs to me when I come home. It is tough to leave her, especially when she cries, but I am doing this for her. For us. And let's face it, mommy needs some time to talk to adults. 

I don't know how to be normal.

I have also had a renewed perspective and appreciation about my quality time with my family and my time at home. Here is what we were up to last week.

It rained last weekend so Emma got to play with her favorite toy - the umbrella. She insisted on bringing it with her everywhere. Although, we did have to draw the line at opening it in the car and in church. Although our priest is a little trigger happy with the holy water sprinkling. Paul got an eyeful the other day. ;]

We are suckers for cake pops. Those trendy little devils.

This pregnancy is giving me the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. And if you know anything about my dietary preferences already, you'll know that's saying something. Ice cream and pastries are already my love language, so this baby will obviously be coming out really squishy.

And covered in funfetti sprinkles.

Emma has been enjoying my confections. Of the savory and the sweet varieties. Last week I made baked potato soup and it was a hit.

Contrary to what her face tells you, she actually enjoyed it. And we all know she enjoyed the cupcakes.

Each evening after dinner we have been having dance parties. It is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Emma really knows how to get down and boogie. Sometimes she has my graceful rhythm and sometimes she does Paul's adorable off-beat booty shaking.

Get down with your bad self girl.

We have also been enjoying quiet mornings. Miss Emma is a fan of waking up at 6-6:30 am (oh joy) but her bed hair, PJ-clad playtime in the morning is sweet. I've mentioned it before but she loves playing with her babies and tucking them into bed and it melts me. I hope she is this nurturing to baby boy. 

Speaking of baby boy. I went on a nesting frenzy last week and did all the baby laundry and bought some new clothes for baby boy. I cannot believe how little the clothing is! I die.

I mean COME ON.

But I am wondering why it is so hard to find neutral and subtle baby clothing. Nearly everything was TRUCKS or SPORTS or BRIGHT or NOVELTY and it was just gross. I scoured the racks for some simple colors we have a nice stash of onesies and leggings going on. I will be compiling a little registry soon if people want to gift us anything. I think all we need is socks, diapers, and miscellany at this point. I kept all of Emma's baby stuff in good condition and tried to buy as many neutral things as possible so *pats self on the back*.

And because all I can think about lately is food, we have been enjoying the fruits of my cravings. Last week it was banana pancakes and In N Out. This week I'm sure it will be something different, oh wait! ravioli. That's what I want right now. And burrata. And butter. Moving on...

And because Sunday is now our official church/family/quality time day, we enjoyed the perfect weather at the beach. Alameda is a little island with a great beach area. The waves are minimal and the water is shallow. Emma had a blast playing in the sand and I'm pretty sure we took half the beach home in her swim suit. But Emma badger does not care.

And because I'm crazy, we slathered on SPF 50+ sunscreen, donned her SPF hat and swim suit with her SPF water shoes and one awesome swim diaper. I think she ate a good bit of sand too.

Our new normal is pretty great. Although I'm sure things will be turned upside down in about three and a half months.

Woah. Scary.