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32 Weeks

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Hmm, clearly I am slowing down on my blogging. Perhaps, this is a glimpse into my life with two little ones. Or perhaps I'll write even more frequently when baby #2 hip hops onto the scene as my only way to connect with the outside world when I am trapped on the couch nursing 24/7. Who really knows?

C'est la vie.

So the big difference I've noticed for this pregnancy between this and the last bumpdate is the holy cow am I birthing a ninja/alien/acrobat/swim team movements. This kid may have more than four limbs in there. The amount of movement that this one can accomplish is astounding. And it also makes me wonder if this kid ever sleeps, because it feels like it is going on all day and night.

How this kid is supposed to put on ANOTHER 3-5 pounds is beyond me.

Speaking of growth, according to all those pregnancy trackers, this kid is around 4 pounds already. I don't think he's "dropped" because I have all the same feelings of choking on my own lungs and my stomach capacity is zilch. I have to eat my meals in waves to actually eat the amount I want. 

But don't worry, I always have room for my daily bowl of cereal. This week's selections are reese's puffs and lucky charms.

When I'm not working, I am living in my comfiest maternity wear when I can. My maternity leggings are seeing a lot of love lately. If you are a stretchy fabric, I heart you. Tenty shirts and tunics are alright too. Maybe. 

In the sibling world, Emma is showing a whole bunch of love towards this belly. Well mostly love. Well 50/50. I think she is learning how to distinguish between loving touches and not-so-loving touches for this baby. Because it's either...

Hug baby?


Hit baby? 

Um. Okay. Wait, what? Oy vey. Hopefully she gets the hang of hugging vs. hitting when baby boy finally arrives.

You better hit the ground running kid or your big sis is going to get ya. I wish I were joking. 

I am attempting to rack up on my sleep hours with early bed times and occasional naps. Now I know sleep does not work like that but a girl can dream.

And for the big news...

We got a double stroller! I cannot tell you how much I love it already. We've been testing it out this week and I am looking forward to using it with baby boy soon. That is if we ever leave the house. That one is still not guaranteed. 

We are mostly set up for baby's arrival but when I actually look at the list of what we still need my eyes widen. We don't have the little diapers, my post-partum care stuff, or my breast feeding care stuff. I need to get on that. Or you can help us out, wink wink. I probably should call the hospital to pre-register too. I doubt I'll be feeling into doing paperwork when I roll in in active labor. 

My belly is feeling HUGE. And I'm just going to get bigger. WELP. Let's take a look back at the belly so far. 

And for today's bumpdate stats:

32 weeks
How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 15 pounds. WHAT.
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity, but some of my larger tent and tunic shirts too.
Stretch marks: One small one on my belly button (of all places).
Sleep: In shifts. Between bathroom breaks.
Miss anything: Not making sounds when putting shoes on, standing up, sitting down, rolling over, etc.
Food cravings: Ice cold water and sushi.  
Aversions: Vegetables. 
Sex: Boy!
Symptoms: Back pain, heart burn (GAG), and a sore stomach (where he kicks me hardest). 
Belly button: Outie. Yup.
Wedding rings: They still fit. 
Happy or moody: Mostly happy, but incredibly sensitive and crying easily.  
Looking forward to: Holding my son.

Emma at 30 and 32 weeks.