From the hive

There is a constant buzz around me. I do not think I have had a moment of complete quiet in (if I were being completely honest) months. Our little apartment by the bay reminds me of a humming hive -- filled with the hustle of daily life and even in the moments of calm, have an air of profound significance. This life of ours, both in the meaningful milestones and the (equally meaningful) mundane moments, is being formed before our eyes. I am in the trenches of married life, of toddler-raising, of homemaking, of a new career, of growing a human, and of expanding our family.

Here are a few of the thrums and hums from the hive lately.

Emma has been religiously working on her tennis swing. Her concentrated furrowed brow proceeds swing after swing while she attempts to finally make contact with the ball. I've been hit by the ball and by the racket several times and sometimes she comically twirls in a full circle after a particularly enthusiastic effort. 

The attention given to this belly is overwhelmingly beautiful. The hugs, the kisses, and the squeezes give me glimpses into our life with two. She is never one to leave baby brother out of the fun and insists on reading to him and on playing with him.

The imagination of a toddler is unwaveringly inspiring. On this occasion, she was sharing her apples with minnie mouse and "mama dino" after nap.

This corner of the apartment sees the most action by the toddler tornado. But sometimes she slows down long enough for me to capture a precious moment of nurturing as she reads to her best friend. 

Never have you seen such an enthusiastic love of bubbles. We are in the throws of potty training and for every five stickers on her potty chart, she receives a prize. What better prize than a new bottle of bubbles for her and a dry diaper for me? 

And the biggest little girl who wants to do everything by herself and exactly like her number one hero, daddy.

This here. These are the days, the moments, that I will always want to remember.