Small victories

I swear that is supposed to have an upbeat tone. Although, now that I am reading it, it could go either way... 

Is it just my two year-old or do all of your tots suddenly develop hulk-like strength when they throw tantrums too? I mean really, it's amazing. She should be studied. I was thinking that fact today when she was throwing (yet another) full-bodied, thrashing, violent tantrum. Dang, this kid is strong. I am convinced there is some chemistry experiment going on here. How with one tantrum I manage to sweat a bucket and get kicked in the stomach with the force of a stampeding bull, I'll never know. 


Parenthood, with its many challenges, comes its many (more) rewards. And sometimes those rewards come in the form of small victories.

Yesterday, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, one Emma badger, pooped in the potty. 

*Tim Tebow victory kneel praising Jesus Christ

About mid-May, we attempted one of those "potty train in three days" things (laugh, laugh, cackle, cackle) and let's just say, we were not ready. She wasn't ready to sit on the potty (she was scared of it) and I was not ready to be cleaning pee off of the floor every 10 minutes (I was scared of it). We put potty training on the back burner for a little while and decided that there was no rush and that she would let us know when she was more ready. Well only a month or so later, here we are. She is telling us when she has to go and usually has a dry diaper through the night and nap time. It's giving me all the warm and fuzzies that maybe she'll be fully potty trained before baby bro comes. But I know not to put too much pressure on it because one) I do NOT have the energy for fighting her about it and two) I've heard there is some reversion back to diapers when a new baby pops on the scene anyway.

She is still in diapers and we will move her to underwear when she is more consistent/reliable to do her business in the potty. What seems to be working in the incentive department is this handy sticker chart whereupon every fifth sticker she is rewarded with a small prize (thank you dollar section of Target). I was just so tickled yesterday that she informed me, in her squeaky toddler voice, that she had to poop on the potty and lo and behold, poop she did. Even if she does not do it again for another moon cycle, I am happy for this small victory.

Can I get an AMEN?

Get on with your bad self girlfriend.

So after an HOUR of wrestling (literally and metaphorically) with this one to get her down for nap today, I am just going to sip my afternoon tea, enjoy my (incredibly large) doughnut, and relish in the fact that we aren't completely failing at potty training.

C'est la vie.