Baby Emma | Four Months

It’s here! It’s the best post of the month! I’m going to talk about that delicious sandwich I had the other da… oh wait no, that’s not right. It’s Emma’s four months update! (but seriously, that sandwich was amazing)

Look at that face. LOOK AT IT.

Emma turns four months old today. That means she is about to start driving. Guys, just kidding, she’s a baby. Although, I am getting glimmers of her future teen self. I have a feeling a lot of eye rolls are heading my direction. Oh wait, she already does that. 

The last month has been pretty stinkin’ great. Emma has been blossoming into her own little person. (Ew I said blossoming, cool it there Judy Bloom.) But seriously, it’s been so wonderful watching her personality develop. She is happy, playful, and determined. She know what she wants and when she wants it. She reminds me of someone… 

She was doing some interesting mouth-breathing here. Grunt grunt.

She is still getting over her first cold. Currently, she sounds like a purebred pug during allergy season. She yells at me every time I go after her snot, but wouldn’t you? Oh you’d like that? That’s cool too… mmmkay. Also, I am also convinced that she’s teething. But I have been saying that for a while. She has all the signs and symptoms. Plus, she keeps requesting that I make her steak, because you know, she’s going to have teeth soon. 

Not to brag or anything (really, I am), but Emma is a hit! She is just so adorable. If you’re perfect and you know it clap your hands! Welp, there go the eye rolls again. She is just a really sweet baby. Except when she decides to drop a volcano in her diaper, then she’s just being mean. 

Emma, your feet are HUGE. The better to eat your toesies my dear.

Emma is an expert at the whole rolling thing now. She’s working on sitting up on her own and she can stand when supported. *cough* THUNDER THIGHS *cough* Who said that? She has a great laugh going on and loves to babble. I think she’s trying to recite a monologue from Hamlet. But I’m like, jeez, too heavy. 

This past month, she has been in daycare. It was TOUGH to drop her off that first day, but I am grateful that she has such a fantastic place to go to during the day. She gets to play with other babies (and by play, I mean roll around near one another and drool on the same toys) and the caregivers are truly sweet women. Emma is already becoming quite the favorite. Obviously… 

Emma is beginning to recognize family and friends and knows when someone is a stranger. Meaning, she’s comfortable pooping on her friends and family but not on strangers, she waits for them to buy her drinks first.

OOO, I am super jazzed about all the Disney movies on Netflix right now. Emma loves them! (well, mommy loves them) I think Emma loved my rendition of I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan - complete with arm movements and tap dances. Please don’t leave me. 

Hi my name is Samantha and I am addicted to baby chub.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Lake Tahoe. Emma is insisting on packing her skies, but I told her it’s the wrong time of year. Summer in Lake Tahoe is amazing. I hope she will enjoy swimming in the lake while mom and dad hit the craps table. Paul and I went to Lake Tahoe around the same time last year while Emma was swimming around in my tummy - doing somersaults and making me throw up. Gosh, I do not miss the first trimester. BARF.

ANY WHO… month four was absolutely wonderful (besides the 17 poop explosions and the snot wads). Emma is completely in love with her daddy and she always brightens up when she sees him. She likes me too, sometimes, except when I’m sucking up the snot wads (ew, I say snot a lot, SNOT). No really, she loves her mommy and daddy. She has us wrapped around her little fingers and toes and every other body part. 

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