24/52 and 25/52

Cricket, cricket. 

Oh yes, that's the sound of the lonesome prairie of this here neglect formerly known as my blog.

My computer had a tiny hiccup (read: crash and burn) so the lovely folks at the Apple Genius Bar wiped my computer and gave it a new lease on life and wiped my snot-filled teary mug. Yes, I am emotionally attached to this pile of metal and I am thanking the sweet baby Jesus that I back up my computer regularly. 

Today's PSA: BUY AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. RIGHT NOW. Well after you read this post, then go buy one. 

But as many of you know, sometimes you just need a break to allow yourself to soak in all the vacation good vibes and free babysitting. Paul, Emma, and I just got back from a week-long trip to see our families. We laughed, we played, we sweat our faces off. My LA-bred skin needs to get back to its roots because now it thinks 85 is hot and my parents' house sat in all the 103 degree face-punching sweatiness. A high of 105 is just not okay. Thank God for air conditioning and built-in ice makers.

24/52 On June 22nd, my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary and I squeal with high-pitched mouse sounds just thinking about it. My sister and I planned a celebration lunch on Father's Day and surprised them with flowers, balloons, and reservations at a local favorite food place. My mom cried twice. I cried thrice. They are the epitome of love, devotion, partnership, and sacrifice. I have been incredibly blessed to have such strong role models of lasting marriage. Is it dusty in here?

25/52 Pardon the blurry photo. Getting Emma to stand still for a photo is harder than it is to balance the entire encyclopedia series on my head. At least those books don't have legs. Our city mouse got to explore the wonder that is the suburbs (collective oooh and aaahh). There are parks, GASP, and parking lots, WOAH, and mini-vans, OH MY. We prowled our local park (the one I grew up with, aww) and Emma tried her first handful of sand. I'm just so proud. She stomped along that playground like she owned the place. She was not the biggest fan of the swings, but it could be that I was holding a food pouch just out of her reach. But who knows?

Besides spending time with my family, Emma took her first trip to Disneyland! To say that this momma bird was excited would be the understatement of the century. Remember those mouse squeals I was referring to earlier? That trip deserves a photo-concentrated post all its own. Oh yeah. 

Now the kittens are peacefully asleep and I get to do all my interweb sloozing that I have missed oh so much. 

Catch you on the flip flop. 

Ew, just punch me.