Emma Badger

Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis) - notorious for their strength, ferocity, and toughness; known to fearlessly attack; virtually tireless in combat.

Emma Badger (Homo sapien wetterholm) - notorious for her strength, ferocity, and toughness; known to fearlessly test her limits; virtually tireless in play.

As early as her first kicks to my internal organs, I knew that Miss Emma Badger would be a spitfire. While we jump around with nicknames for this one, Emma Badger has stuck pretty firmly and even more so that she is fully mobile. (#emmabadger)

She is strong, ferocious, and tough. She is fearless and I can barely keep up.

She is constantly on the move and loves walking/running around everywhere. I am convinced she has superhuman speed because one blink and she's gone. We've got a runner! 

So far, her main interest is chasing dogs and birds. Be afraid animals, be very afraid.

Because we live on the 8th floor of a 15-story building, we don't exactly have a yard for her to play in. When we need to "walk off" some of that dreaded cabin fever, we let her roam the hallways and her favorite spot is the window overlooking the campus near the elevator.

Emma looks around at the world then looks back to find me so she can tell me all that she sees. Usually she gets a little excited and goes face-first into the window. Thunk.

Emma took her first ride on a Muni seat this weekend. She only pulled the cord twelve times. Yes we get it Emma, you want to get off at the next stop.

(Not to brag or anything but let's be honest, I totally am bragging.) She always manages to attract a crowd of admirers. She gets stares and giggles and has amassed quite a following.

She manages to get into EVERTHING. And I mean everything. I am sure the lovely baristas at the local coffee shop loved her reorganization of the refrigerated cabinet. 

I'm going to be needing ten thousand more babies after seeing her smile with her unicorn hat.

Emma can be overlooking the entire city and she will still find a way to get on higher ground. Daily, she is climbing all over furniture, window sills, garden walls, EVERYTHING. Emma badger does not care.

I don't know who is more excited to get out on to the tennis court, us or her. She is already swatting at tennis balls with her racket and now we should probably buy US Open tickets for 2030.

Step one: Emma badger does not get her way. Step two: Emma throws herself on the floor. Step three: she "cries" while she looks at us to see if we are reacting. Step four: we either cave or we stand our ground. Step five: Emma badger does not care.

While we spend half of our day chasing after this little tornado, I would not change it for the world. She is adventerous and fearless. She is my little Emma badger. Watch out.