41/52 - Mornings and evenings

Mornings and evenings are quickly becoming my favorite times of day - when the three of us are together. We spend brisk mornings on the deck, watching the airplanes fly over head. We spend cool evenings in our living room (where the living happens). We gather, we talk, we observe, we play. 

Mornings are fluffy bead hair, puffy eyes, and colorful PJs.

Mornings are extra creamer in coffee cups, a shared bowl of cereal, and dew-covered deck chairs.

Mornings are rosaries, make-up free faces, and pointing out every bird that crosses the sky and every squirrel that rustles the giant oak.

Evenings are watching our favorite teams, cleaning up spills from our dinner, and dancing to show tunes.

Evenings are imitating everything mom and dad did that day, sharing desserts, and tucking stuffed animals into bed. 

Evenings are filled bubble baths, bedtime stories on repeat, and one last dog pile on top of dad. 

Mornings and evenings are just the best.