Those little things

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so baaaad. (I may or may not have sung that.)

(This post is NOT about Emma. You know, to give you a small toddler break, we all need those sometime. Then again, if you are completely obsessed with my mom brain ramblings, then may I refer you to my various motherhood posts and God speed.)

I am sure you have those special little things around your home - those little things that make you smile and those little things you love. Therefore I thought I'd share with you a snippet of my favorites around here.

Clinique skincare products // decorative glasses

the tiniest succulents // a pink orchid

my family Crucifix (older than I am)

my favorite book

a collage of family photos

the best hand cream // the best chapstick // my rosary from my First Communion

What are your favorite little things?