For the love of water

105 degrees guys. ONE HUNDRED FIVE DEGREES.

That was how hot it was where Paul's family lives yesterday. And between sweating from my eyeballs, sticking to the seat of the car, and feeling like my polyester blends were melting to my skin it was time to take a swim.

Thankfully, we are in town visiting the suburbs and the burbs are not lacking in swimming pools. Praise the Lord. My sister-in-law has a lovely community pool so off we went! 

Emma had only taken one other swimming pool dip in her life and that was last summer when she was less than two months old. I think she was more concerned with GET ME MORE MILK, MAID than enjoying the sweet refreshing magic of the swimming hole.

I slathered 176 ounces of sunscreen on her glow-in-the-dark skin, and in she went. 

Well much to our delight, the little Emma/Nemo was enthralled with the majesty of the pool. Laughs, squeals, and happiness ensued.

Have Emma, will swim.