Harry Potter

Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry turned two today. I cried two bucket-fulls, so right on track.

Our little boy is quite a spitfire. He is the opinionated, passionate, loving, stubborn, snuggly, contemplative, and we just love him oh so much. For his birthday, I brought cupcakes for sharing to his school and we shared a family meal this evening. I am just in awe at this person he is becoming. He is going to be a fantastic big brother. 

I thank God for the gift of his life. 

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Fireworks, Disney, Harry Potter, Oh MY!

Guess who's back, back again? Lest you think I've already had the baby and am taking a blog break, I'm here to break it to you. That baby is still snuggled up nice and nested between these birthing hips. Based on the frequency and intensity of my false labor, I keep thinking - any day now - but based on previous experience (cough, Emma's marathon false labor), I could still be with child for a while.

If you follow me on the gram, you will know all of this already and know that we are just "patiently" waiting for baby boy to make his grand debut. You do you, kid.

It's about 7 am right now and Emma is alternating between coloring, twirling, and reading in her corner. I am sipping half coffee/half creamer and sincerely relishing in these last few mornings with just the two of us girls. She's an early bird - just like me - and as much as I shake my fists in the air for a wink more sleep sometimes, this are our special time.

Today I am 36 weeks along (!!!!) and I'll do my official update tomorrow after my OB appointment (where I am sure they are going to tell me, yup, he's still in there, come back next week). In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from our quick trip down south. God blessed us with bearable weather (not the typical 100+ Julys of my youth). We celebrated 4th of July, hit up Disneyland and Harry Potter world, and spent time with family and dear friends. It was a nice final Hoorah! before we become a foursome.

'Twas the first time I had been in the pool since, probably, last summer and oh boy, it felt refreshing. I had to fish this swim suit out of a drawer of my childhood bedroom because I foolishly brought a one-piece and HAHAHAHA it did not go over this belly. We didn't stay up for fireworks...intentionally...but we heard all the lovely neighborhood festivities until the wee hours while we were trying to sleep *eye rolls forever*. 

On Tuesday, we went to DISNEYLAND or as Emma would say, "Minnie Mouse House". We didn't stay the whole day because, hello swollen pregnant waddle, but we had a wonderful time and Emma got to see her #1 boo, Minnie Mouse.

Emma was much more engaged this year than last year and barely tolerated the stroller. Seeing her meet Minnie may be the highlight of the trip. SO much love. 

She only had eyes for Minnie.

And this marching band.

On Wednesday, my mom, sister, and I went to The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood and I about passed out from excitement. Or pregnancy hormones. I went to the one in Orlando for my honeymoon many moons ago so this was an absolute treat. Plus, my family and I are huge HP fans so it was nice to enjoy it with them. I took photos of EVERYTHING but I'll only share a few. 

My sis and I made a new friend. He was hilarious. 

Can you taste the excitement? 


Let me tell you, these pregnancy sweats are no joke, but a nice, cold butter beer will solve all of life's problems. I'm convinced. 

Seriously though. Amazing.

We also indulged in some (all of the) treats and had lunch at the four broomsticks.

Over all, it was a lovely trip. We got to spend time with my family, Emma was fawned over by my parents and sister, and we got to see Grace and Brian before they move to San Diego.

Side story... Emma was OBSESSED with this concrete parking pillar thing and was holding on for dear life as we tried to leave this parking lot. People were saying maybe it looks like a minion, but Emma has never seen any of those movies so I don't really know what was going on here.

And of course, on our way back up to our place we stopped for some road trip essentials.

I mean come on, twelve different flavors. TWELVE.

Happy July!