A day in the life - 09.25.14


{Enjoy a little look in to a day in my life. I know, riveting. My dear friend Joelle inspired this post.}

6:00 Oh hey that’s my alarm. Emma slept in her crib all night. Praise Jesus. Snooze.

6:06 Yikes, Emma is letting me know it is time to feed her. Well I guess no more sleeping allowed.

6:19 Must. Have. Coffee. *turns on coffee maker*

6:21 Pumping time! Might as well call it milking the cow.

6:22 Oh yeah, I wanted to start my A Day In The Life notes. *opens a new Evernote*

6:26 I guess I’ll also write a new blog post while I pump.

6:40 Finally poured myself a cup of coffee. Get in my belly.

6:57 Post is up! Maybe I’ll actually start getting ready now. What’s for breakfast? OOO, I’ll have a quiche. Thank God for Trader Joe’s.

7:01 Preparing the baby bottles. Again. I had a dream that I was caught under an avalanche of bottles. Oh yeah, that’s real life.

7:11 Gahh, I need new contacts.

7:22 Whatttttt? It’s raining? That’s new. I hope my umbrella circa 2007 holds up.

8:01 Just dropped Emma off at daycare. That does NOT get easier.

8:13 Heading to Oakland for our last day at Externship. Sad!

8:16 Time to pick an Emma photo for Instagram! Hard to decide. There are so many gems. I’ll pick the one with the funniest facial expression. Now I have to decide on a caption…

8:24 Just reported a reckless driver on the Bay Bridge. Yup. I’m that person.

8:27 “I’ll be watching you. Every single day, every word you say…” gahh, that’s a great song on the radio.

8:28 Yikes, just passed a crash. Wow that big rig truck was CUT IN HALF. Thank God we weren’t around for that.

8:49 Finally made it to work. Drivers are STUPID in the rain.

9:03 Let’s see some patients.

11:11 Just finished taking out 5 teeth and feeling like a rockstar. Man, I’m thirsty now. Hopefully some of these teeth will qualify for WREBS (side note: the WREBS is my dental license practical exam that I will take in May).

11:12 I’m starving. What’s for lunch today? I’m going to really miss cheap and delicious China town food.

11:53 Hi ho, hi ho, to another pumping session I go. I guess I’ll scroll through Instagram again.

12:12 Yay! Heading to a vegetarian Vietnamese place. Yum.

2:19 WHEW! Finally have a moment to breathe again. Busy afternoon already.

2:21 Ugh, I’m feeling stuffed. I hope I get out of here at a reasonable time today. Traffic gods, please clear the roads!

3:52 So. Tired. How many times do I need to tell people to brush their teeth? One patient left. Aww a 6 year-old. I hope he’s well behaved…

3:54 Awwwww, I just found out community group is cancelled tonight. Darn. Maybe I’ll try to go to bed early. Maybe Emma will be an angel and fall asleep on her own at 8 pm. Maybe pigs will fly.

4:24 Taught some of the guys in the office about my breast pump, breast pads, and nipple shields. Good for them for asking questions and wondering. I hope they don’t have nightmares

5:06 Heading home. Whew, I hope there is no bridge traffic. Oh wait, there is a Giants game. Never mind. 

5:29 Oh traffic. Ahh, I just saw a corgi! So adorable. Look at that fluffy butt. 

5:35 I hate taxis!!!!

5:37 Oh yeah, Bones starts tonight! I’m so excited. Please hold all my calls. 

5:55 Just picked up the pumpkin butt. She finger painted to daycare. She’s a genius.

6:13 Finally home. I’m pooped. Is it too early to get into PJs? Nope.

6:57 Just finished de-cluttering the apartment. Whew, that feels good. Aww Paul made Emma a pillow fort for her nap. This girl loves her cocoons.

7:00 Thank God for my glider arm chair. Be still my sore back.

7:04 How am I not hungry for dinner yet? Oh yeah, it was probably the twenty thousand egg tarts I slammed into my face after clinic today. I’m genuinely going to miss all the cheap Asian food. I wonder how many pounds I gained these past three weeks…

7:06 Watching The Big Bang Theory. Gahh I love this show. A Christmas episode, great, now I wish it was Christmas already.

7:08 Uh oh, Emma is really deep into this nap. I wonder if I should wake her up to put her in a fresh diaper and her PJs and put her in her crib.

7:09 Decide to bite the bullet and get her ready for bed. Get ready for some crying.

7:14 Well she’s awake now. I guess we will try again later.

7:16 Aww, she wants to play! And I just took 10 photos of her. I’m obsessed.

7:18 Must. Take. Out. Contacts. Oh yeah, that feels good. I might as well wash my face while I’m here. Shoot! I’m almost out of night cream. I need to add that to my list.

7:21 Just texted my dad asking him how he is feeling after surgery last week.

7:22 Gahh! Emma is doing her baby planks again. Adorable. 

7:24 Ugh, these Apple-bashing Microsoft and Samsung commercials are really starting to bug me. I get it, there’s a rivalry.

7: 26 Bahahaha! Emma just got her toy stuck on her face. 

7:28 Just took a video of Emma laughing at her stuffed unicorn. Must send it to my sis.

7:38 Whoops, need to charge the phone.

7:41 I think I’ll have chocolate yogurt for dinner.

7:48 Emma is playing wit her musical instruments. Like I said, genius. 


8:01 Shit. Booth is in jail.

8:21 Watching Bones and breastfeeding. Good stuff.

8:27 Oh my goodness, Emma has an adorable sleepy face.

8:28 Holy moly! (Spoilder alert!) Sweets and Daisy are going to have a baby!


9:00 And I’m sobbing. Why would they do that to us??!

9:08 Oooo, an encore episode of the Sleepy Hallow premiere. But I still can’t believe what happened on Bones. Dear Lord.

9:12 I’m glad we have started putting Emma to bed earlier. She’s sleeping like an angel right now. For now. Now I’m wondering where the expression, “sleeping like a baby” came from. It’s all lies.

9:13 Bleck. I need to brush my teeth.

9:42 This show is so suspenseful. I love it! Probably the only thing keeping me from falling asleep on the couch. And Paulie already left me and went to bed. We are old farts.

9:59 That was good. Time for bed! I bet both Emma and Paul will be snoring when I get into the bedroom.

10:04 Time for some Harry Potter on audiobook. Mmmm. Good night.